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Step 3: How to read the price comparison table?

  • Your price comparison table will show you the base price of the book, estimated shipping and handling cost for one book to your shipping destination, and estimated shipping and handling time. This information is not a guarantee. Shipping and handling time, in particular, could vary from the estimate.

  • Some of the stores we search offer discount coupons from time to time. We show you the discounted price as our default. If you don't want to see the discounted price, you can turn off the Coupon Code Calculation at the top of your price comparison table.

  • Canadians use the same $ sign that Americans do but the dollars are not equivalent in value. If you asked for your price comparison in U.S. dollars, it will be the equivalent of the Canadian dollar price you see at a Canadian store when you go to order.

  • Some stores will keep a book title in their database when it is no longer available. The fact that they list this book, and we pick it up in our search, is not a guarantee of availability.

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